We snapped these in Brooklyn the other evening, before we ate noodles at King Noodle and went to see my friends band, Such Hounds, play at a local venue! We’ve been taking full advantage of these date nights, because I know they will be really hard to enjoy once the baby is around (and lets be honest, I’m sure we won’t want to leave him when he’s so little!)
I snagged this pair of maternity pants and have been getting a ton of use out of them. I usually wear black jeans when I am not pregnant, so it’s hard to tell in these! Also, I now own this shirt from Madewell in every single color, because it’s perfect to wear with jeans/ shorts, and doesn’t fit HUGE like most Maternity tops. so basically, black & denim is my go-to, my uniform, and the only combination that allows me to still feel like myself. 🙂





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  • Anonymous

    Hello from Finland,
    First of all I want to thank you for your blog! I just love it! I'm heading to New York my very first time and I would appreciate few tips from you. We are staying NY for three days before we start our road trip. I'm into second hand and vintage and wish for some good stores to visit. What about some good outlet stores, restaurants, events etc.? What other things you recommend to do and see in NY? Hope to get some tips. And congrats for the baby!!

  • Super cute outfit! I'm loving your shoes and necklace!


  • Love this outfit. Simple + cute = the epitome of summer fashion.


  • Anonymous

    This is so cute!!