SURPRISE: Our family is growing!

This has been one of the hardest secrets to keep (& I am an AWFUL secret keeper) but finally we can share our biggest secret ever… we made a human, we’re pregnant! Baby Degreff is due in October!! We’re SO excited to grow our clan (well, maybe Claude isn’t excited to not be an only child-dog haha). The thing I didn’t realize before becoming pregnant is just how scary and worrisome the first trimester is. There’s so much waiting involved, so many big landmark weeks or doctors visits and so much of it is just trusting that your body is going to work right, which is really hard to do. I am a lover of being in control, so this past few months was not easy. I counted down the days to every doctors visit, and spent way too many hours reading mommy forums! I had no idea how much I would care about a blastocyst of cells growing inside of me from the get-go, but it is true. Those instincts kicked in so quickly for me, and I just wanted to protect and keep my baby safe from the very start, as I’m sure every mom does!

I also felt a weird anxiety about sharing, I am not sure if some of you felt this way too. It just felt so nice keeping it between Matt and I for as long as we could, and having it be our little secret. We shared with our family at around 10 weeks (I sent them this in the mail with tons of glitter in the envelope, needless to say it was one of those days I will never forget). After that we slowly shared the news with friends, and celebrated and then I felt ready for the world to know. I am so excited to bring you along on this journey that is truly surreal for me.

It’s pretty awesome to think some of you witnessed our engagement, wedding and now our first baby on this blog! Hopefully I’ll have a little bump to dress soon… We already know the gender and will be sharing really soon 🙂

Love a very excited Steffy & Matt! ♥♥


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  • Awww!! You guys are too adorable!! So happy to have followed your love story for so many years and how beautiful and inspiring "trip" it's been!! Congratulations on the new coming family member. 🙂

  • Aww, congratulations to you both! You're going to make such amazing parents!
    xo April | April Everyday

  • Congratulationas!!! This is amazing 🙂 And makes me so much smile 🙂 I wish you all the best and looking forward to follow your journey!


  • How exciting!! I am so happy and excited for you guys!

  • 😮 so exciting! Congratulations!

  • Awww this is so cute! Congrats guys!

  • What cute news. Many wishes <3

  • that is just the BEST news! so happy for you guys, congratulations!

    ❤ Maxime | Fox & Fabric

  • Wow, congrats!! Looking forward to seeing your journey 🙂

  • Aww, Steffy what awesome news. Congratulations to you both + can't wait to see how you dress the bump!! xo

  • AW BABY!!!! Congrats to you and the hubs! I can't wait to see how you dress the little one 🙂 Also can't wait to see your maternity wear. I bet you'll be the cutest pregnant woman


  • Natasha burton

    Amazing congratulations!! I had my little boy 8 months ago today and he's honestly the best thing that ever happened to us, you're about to embark on such a crazy roller coaster of emotions experience but cherish every moment…it really does go quickly!! Wishing you best of health! 😊

  • Awe congratulations Matt and Steffy and the best of wishes for your pregnancy! I was born in October – it's a good month. 🙂

  • Congratulations! This is so very exciting! Can't wait to follow along!

  • That's such a great news! I am so happy with you guys <3 I hope everything will be fine!

  • Congratulations! Wish you three the best!

  • JK

    Congrats and how exciting! I've been following you for a good amount of time now and we're the same age so it's been fun to see your journey.

  • Yay!!Congratulations!! This is so exciting and I am so happy for you both. Can't wait to follow along and see all of your super cute maternity outfits to come!! <3

  • Congratulations on your fantastic news!

  • Hey steph! I have been following you for a very long time. I had my son in February, and I kept a blog about my entire pregnancy. I think you might be interested as I was very detailed about everything. I hope you check it out! My computer crashed so I haven't written any posts lately. 😒