Why Turning on Post Notifications Won’t Help

Hi Guys! I figured since I work in social media, I would take a few minutes to write this post and explain WHY you should absolutely NOT turn on post notifications, or listen to the 8 million posts in your feed requesting this.
Algorithms (similar to the Facebook News Feed) show you what you want to see. This means if you “like” someones posts who you follow on a regular basis, than their posts will continue to show up in your feed. If you “hate-follow” people, or just follow somebody out of guilt because unfollowing may cause problems, these are the people who will no longer show up in your feed.

You should NOT turn on post notifications because:

1. Whether you are notified has NO bearing on the algorithm whatsoever. If you like a users posts, you will still see them. Instagram is most likely not tracking or taking into consideration whose posts you are notified about.
2. You will be overwhelmed with SO many notifications, when it is totally unnecessary! 
3. You may get notified that X user has posted, but STILL not like their photo. If you eventually get annoyed by the notification and take it off, you will STILL not see them in your feed.
I hope this clears things up! Please don’t turn notifications on for me! If you ‘like’ my photos, I’ll still be there 🙂

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  • Ana

    Thanks for this – I've seen a lot of those requests to turn on post notifications, and I wasn't sure why they would be helpful. This really does help clear things up. I was disappointed to hear the Instagram news, but since I do tend to like many pictures from my favourite accounts (yours included!), hopefully my feed won't change very much. I figured that, at the very least, if I do realize I'm not seeing updates from a specific account, I can check out directly the profile.

    Hope your week is off to a great start!

  • Thank you for saying what I've been thinking for a solid week now! Logic would tell you that if you've been liking people's stuff for quite a while that it will continue to stay in your feed and you'll be able to continue on your merry way.


  • THANK YOU FOR THIS! I've been thinking this the whole time, and now my feed is being flooded with "turn on post notifications" posts… I certainly don't want to get a gazillion notifications from Instagram, and I know no one else does either.

    xox Sammi

  • Thanks for this, Steffy! I was wondering about that whole "turn on post notifications" and I wasn't too sure about it. This definitely cleared things up. 🙂

  • If Instagram/Facebook was making this change in good faith you would be allowed to choose how your feed is presented instead of being forced to into having your feed dictated by their algorithm.

  • Good to hear it! I must admit I have turned on notifications for a few of my favourite accounts and regretted quite quickly, gone back and turned them off again… No matter how much I love seeing the photos of all the people I CHOSE to follow, I cannot do with all these notifications…
    However, what does concern me is how it will affect MY photos being viewed… I do not have thousands of followers and I'm working hard for every new like… However, the most I got so far on a photo were about 60, which most likely doesn't qualify my photos as 'most liked'…
    Does this new algorithm going to go against getting my photos seen and liked?
    Any help or answer would be greatly appreciated! 🙂

  • Thank you for this! I didn't really understand why people were requesting their notifications to be turn on…also why anyone would? I feel like i would just ignore those notifications anyway. And my thinking is I have a key people that I really like their instagram's and if I hadn't see their post in a day or so I'd just go an look them up. I hate the new algorithm. I much rather deal with the time feed.


  • I'm so glad that you shared this! I'm planning on disabling the automatic update on my iPhone, so that my feed stays the same. I think this update is so unnecessary, and turning on the notifications seems like an even bigger headache.

  • I appreciate this post so much! So annoyed by all the post notification posts today, of course we all like likes, but it's NOT the end of the world. Everyone has taken this change out of proportion.


  • Oh I am glad that at least someone is using brain over there! Thank you for this post!!! : )

  • So happy to see a post from someone who understands what an algorithmic feed is. Social media is a big part of my job too. I'm so sick of seeing those notifications posts. No, the "most popular" stuff isn't all you'll see. It'll show you the things you're most likely to like in your feed first. Like Facebook.They're acting like you won't see people's posts anymore but they'll still be there. No, not everyone will be happy about the change but it'll be fine.

    Jamie | PetitePanoply.com

  • Thanks for this post! Seeing all the "turn on notifications" posts is starting to drive me bananas.

  • Interesting! Thanks for letting me know

  • thanks for letting us know!