How to Edit So Your Whites All Look the Same on Instagram

Hi guys! I get asked this question all of the time, so I figured I would create a post explaining how I get my whites consistent across my instagram feed. 
It is so important for branding to have a “look and feel” to your instagram feed (if you’re just posting pictures of friends and parties, than ignore this!) One of the easiest ways I find that consistency is by making sure all of my whites are identical, even if some are taken inside (and the lighting is yellow and warm) or if some are snapped outside (and the sky adds a blue tint). Here’s how I do this:
First I add my filter of choice in VSCO cam. I usually use the A4 filter, as I like the washed out brown tones it adds to the image! Then I save the image out. 
This is where it gets tricky. I upload the saved out image (with the already applied VSCO filter) into Snapseed, a photo editing app. Within Snapseed, there is a tool called “Selective.” Click on it.
1. Click on the white areas in your image (you may need to use a few selections, and that’s fine.
2. Up the Brightness a bit in each white area.
3. Reduce the saturation all the way (in only the white areas)
By fully desaturating all off your whites, it ensures that they are all the same tone! 
I’m sure there’s other ways to do this, but this is just how I do it! Hope this helps! 

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  • ok I definitely needed this! thanks girl

  • Really appreciate this! I have an obsession to have this nice prestige with my instagram. I already been using VSCO and love the filters.

  • What a neat tip! thanks for sharing!

  • VSCO + Snapseed is the bomb! Thanks for the post. xo

  • Thanks for this tutorial! You have such a gorgeous, cohesive gallery. I've been using the same vsco filter but I'm going to download the Snapseed app.

    A Sentimental Adventure

  • Your instagram feed is freakin goals!!! All of the photos are so beautiful <3 I am trying so hard to make all my images the same but it is a real struggle if I take images at different times of the day. Do you use your phone or a camera?

  • This is sooo helpful- it's something I've been trying to figure out for ages! Time to download Snapseed!!

    Munchie Mummy

  • Oooh! Thank you!
    that is very useful info. I post only my sculpture work on IG and usually on a colored background but once in a while I use white and it is always such a tricky way to get it white.
    Didn't know you could do that on snapseed.
    Anyway, I'm rambling… thank you so much!

  • This is so great! White balancing is tricky, especially if half your IG photos are taken indoors in yellow lighting and the other half are taken outdoors.

    Likely By Sea