The Story of My New Tattoo ♥

I knew for a while that I wanted to get a tattoo for Claudie on my arm. Aside from my undying love for my doggie, I also love the design of doxies, and pretty much own everything dachshund that I can get my hands on. It was just a matter of letting the idea really sink in before going ahead with the tattoo. Matt found this great place called east river tattoo in greenpoint, and we walked-in yesterday hoping they’d have time!

Not only did they have time, but they HAD A DOXIE IN THE SHOP! It was meant to be. Rob who tattooed me owns his own, and was equally as enthusiastic about the tattoo as I was! It hurt a little bit, but I am so so happy with how it came out. I think Claude secretly knows, and she has been loving me extra!

For new readers… we adopted claude in 2012, and she made her first blog appearance here. she has become a part of our family and nothing is as much fun if she isn’t by our side!


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  • I'm getting a new one, too, at the exact same spot!
    It kinda scares me.. but totally worth it.
    Yours is as lovely as your doggie <3

  • Oh this is so cute <3 I love simple tattoos like yours, they're timeless and beautiful. If only your dog could understand how much you love him – he would probably get a tattoo of you too 😉

  • This tattoo is so adorable! It's really nice 🙂 X

  • That is such an amazing idea. So cute!

  • I always love to hear the story between people's tattoos. I love tattoos and I would love to get one myself but I don't think I could ever choose something that I want forever. It's a really hard decision. Well, maybe one day!

  • Such a cute playsuit!

    Have a great start of the week 🙂

  • ahhh this tattoo is so cute!! I want a tattoo of a black cat as i love my little baby boy. plus black cats are awesome. also this tattoo shop is awesome looking.


  • I'm seriously loving this tattoo!!

    xo, Jessica || The Petite Diaries

  • i love you new tattoo <3

  • i love you new tattoo <3

  • I have two doxies at home so this makes my heart incredibly happy. So cute!