Your Instagram Questions Answered…

In writing this blog, a lot of the time I call the shots on what is shared and what is being talked about – and that isn’t always fair! I love finding things out about bloggers who I follow, so I thought why not ask you guys on instagram things you’ve been wondering about me! If there’s anything I missed, just let me know in the comments! Xo!
@tea_timetaylor: Who is your main style inspiration?
I adore Alexa Chung’s style, and also get a lot of inspiration from other bloggers. Some of my current favorites include Lua of LeHappy , Rebecca of The Clothes Horse, Christina of New Darlings, and Kailey of Mermaidens.  
@kscultus: Tips to find your voice as a blogger? Hm, it is tough – I don’t think you necessarily “find” your voice, you just learn how to express yourself in an appropriate way for the internet. It’s fun to open up to others online, but I always keep in mind that employers may see what I am saying. I think my biggest tip would be to keep a personal journal, and from writing that decide what topics you want to bring into your online space. 

@cheeseywhiskers: What are the top 3 worst things about blogging you never expected? 
1. How insecure it makes me sometimes – I used to be more confident in many ways, and am now much more critical of myself, because I have to be in pictures so often. 2. The amount of time it takes up… some weekends being dressed cute doesn’t come naturally, and picking an outfit takes me time. 3. How materialistic it CAN make you, if you let it. Experiences are better than things (IMO), but blogging puts such a big emphasis on things.
@serknixWho are some of your favorite singers/ bands? I have soo many, I love music. My all-time favorites are The Beatles. After that, my list is constantly evolving… right now I’ve been listening to a lot of Jenny Lewis, Beirut, The Smiths, Mac Demarco and Future Islands. 

: What photo editors/ apps do you use in your IG photos? I Use VSCO cam, and I usually use filters F1 or K3. 
@marizarezendee: Do you work? Yes! I am not a full-time blogger! I work from 8AM-5PM, Monday – Friday on the marketing department of an e-commerce site. I run their social media, but also assist in marketing initiatives.

@christiana.rae: How did you get instafamous? LOL.. there are so many people who have a much larger following than my own, but thank you. I have been posting on instagram for years, since the beginning, which has helped me. I also make sure to post quality images every day. 


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  • Honestly, I'm used to follow lots of bloggers. But you are, no doubt, the most inspiration of not only fashion but also woman power. You're amazing girl! Kisses from Brazil!

  • So lovely and honest Steffy. <3

  • Oh I so relate to not always being dressed cute; it does take work! IT was great reading your answers to all of these questions (the insta-famous one, haha! Hard work, that's how!) and getting to know you a little more! I haven't been around in a while (life, babies, moving, all that fun stuff) but I'm finally back to reading blogs and I have to say, I LOVE your darker hair! I can't wait to go back and see what I've missed!

  • This is a great post, I will have to check out these instagram accounts

  • Loved reading this Q + A. Thanks so much for mentioning our blog! It's truly flattering, as I've always been a fan of your style. <3 Hopefully we can meet up one day and bond over some Beirut. 😉


  • Lovely post! Thanks for answering my question. It's always fun to come here

  • Love this! 🙂 Good to get to know you more as I love your blog and your style.

  • great post! I love Mac Demarco too, I saw him in concert last year and it was so fun!

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    OMG you're so cute! xoxo