some feelings…

moving away can feel really gut wrenchingly lonely. i remember how this feeling once felt when i first moved to miami, before i even started my blog. i knew nobody (except matt), i had no car, and i worked in an office with only one other person. i spent a lot of time alone.

after the excitement and dust has settled here in NY, i felt my first tinge of loneliness this weekend. i have my family here, i have friends, but it’s the resetting and refinding of routines that hurts the heart. i had weekly dinner dates with girlfriends in miami, i had a group of blogger friends, i knew local faces on lincoln road. i know that i will 100% feel that here, soon, someday. just not yet. i snapped these alone in my home tonight. sometimes when i feel lonely, taking pictures makes me happy.

what do you do to cure loneliness? ♥


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  • I make a reservation with my neighbor's dog and we go out to the National Park that is three miles from my house. She always makes me feel better because she gives me unconditional INSANE LIKING that only a dog can give and because I love nature and quiet and it just settle my soul.

  • Ooh how I know what you're talking about… I'm a photographer and I "became" one exactly because I was in a new country, alone, no friends, no relatives and a little baby on board… So I've started to take photos and thanks to that I've found my calling. 🙂

  • I exactly know this feeling. I have no friends in place where I live and my sister visit me twice a month. The best is keeping your head busy. I do it with my blog 🙂 <3 Taking photos is also fantastic solution!

  • I know exactly what you mean! I think the best way to fight loneliness is to feel at home within yourself. You have to realize you are not lonely, just alone in a given moment. Sounds easier than it is, though… Lovely pictures anyway! (: