My Brooklyn & NYC Vintage Guide: Part 1

There’s two mentalities with vintage hunters:
1. keep your go-to places top secret.
2. bask in the excitement of sharing them.

In miami there was not that much vintage to go around, so of course i had my secret spots 😉 in NYC, i don’t think we’ll be running out of vintage anytime soon. So here is my Brooklyn and NYC vintage guide Part 1; I will make sure to share places with you as I find them!

♥ Atlantis Attic : 771 Metropolitan Ave.
100% worth checking out. Prices range from $5-$15 for some amazing finds, and it is extremely organized. Their womens shoe/bag selection is “meh” but they have great tops and dresses. I left with 2 shirts and a vest for $25!

atlantis attic, brooklyn vintage, nyc vintage

atlantis attic, brooklyn vintage, nyc vintage

10 Ft. Single by Stella Dallas: 285 N 6th Street
One of the most outstanding vintage stores I’ve been to, but not very cheap. The prices are raised and the clothing is curated and pre-picked, but the selection of shoes, bags, dresses, everything is incredible. It has a very 90’s/ Urban Outfitters customer vibe. Dresses are $35, blouses are $25. I found a polka dotted romper that’s out of this world!

10 ft single, brooklyn vintage, nyc vintage

10 ft single, brooklyn vintage, nyc vintage
10 ft single, brooklyn vintage, nyc vintage


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  • Ahhh, cool! I can't wait to check those out someday!

  • the shopping looks amazing- and clean and organized. love that!

    Marie @ In Our Happy Place

  • Wish I could go to these places one day! 🙂

  • I wanna go crazy NYC vintage shopping!
    Though we have lots of great vintage places here in Los Angeles;)


  • This is great! I've been to some other vintage stores in NYC, but they're always high end ones with gorgeous stuff that's way out of my price range. I'm going for a long weekend in a couple of weeks to meet up with some bloggers, so this is perfect!

    xox Sammi

  • Yay!!
    We have never thrifted before, maybe we should give it a try!
    Androbel Boutique

  • Ummmm, now that you're not in Miami can you please share your secret vintage spots…cuz I haven't found anything! 🙂