a farewell to our miami home.

steffy kuncman vintage fashion blog

steffy kuncman vintage fashion blog
steffy kuncman vintage fashion blog

steffy kuncman vintage fashion blogsteffy kuncman vintage fashion blog
we moved into our south beach apartment in october of 2012. i had just been promoted to full-time visual merchandiser at j.crew, matt was not even freelancing yet and we found it from a lucky craigslist search. we knew it was “the one” right when we walked into the courtyard. i always take a long hard look at empty apartments before i move all of my things in, and try to picture everything the future has in store within the walls of not-quite-home-yet. this one brought us so many beautiful memories. 
we raised little claudie in this home, i can remember her as a 2lb puppy walking around. matt proposed to me in the apartment, right near where my chair collection sits. we’ve had way too many fun potluck dinners and parties (and have probably pissed off one-too-many neighbors.) i’ve pranced around with good news, cried many a nights curled in a ball in my closet, popped champagne, cooked homemade meals, repurposed handfuls of vintage dresses, completed wedding DIY’s. it will be bittersweet to say goodbye. here’s some lovely moments captured. 

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  • Aw good luck lady! To the many more sweet memories to come!

  • What a lovely post! Leaving a beloved apartment is bittersweet, even if you have so many exciting things ahead!

  • So sweet, I love these photos! You'll make lots of memories in New York too, so try not to be too sad.

    xo Amanda

  • Beautiful photos! You always look so pretty and unique!


  • Aww this is so sweet! Best of luck to you in your new home 🙂

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  • such a beautiful post – many more memories to come in NY.

  • This is so nice, its crazy to think what a space like an apartment means to us! That all those life changing moments happened while living there. Also your apartment is gorgeous, as Im sure your next one will be!

  • This apartment is so beautiful! Hope your next one is just as good! Nice memories will be made there too. 🙂


  • Aw what a beautiful post! It looks like a lovely home but I'm sure you'll make new memories in your new one!


  • Steffy you are SO cute! I just discovered your blog and it added a little light to my day. I love your darling, vintage style.

    I would absolutely LOVE if you would check out my blog, bitsandlittlepieces.com

    Keep doing what you're doing, it's wonderful!

  • oh so hard to say goodbye to a place where all those memories took place. looks like your sunny spot where you drink your tea or coffee will be especially missed. it's a good thing you can bring your memories with you and look forward to new ones being made. good luck the next step of your journey. xo

  • IM so excited for you but at the same time I totally dont want you to go!

  • Aw, good luck in your new home, it's amazing how our homes can be so associated with certain events in our lives H xx