scallops and mints ☼☼

as cliche as it may sound (coming from 1/2 of the web) i swapped out my fall/winter wardrobe in my closet and pulled out all of my spring/summer clothes that have been stored away for a few months this week! just recently, like within the last two years, i truly learned how to organize my closet. it definitely makes no sense having giant sweaters taking up space when it is 90 degrees outside, so now they live in a little bin in a storage closet until the air starts to have a little chill again. it’s also really fun, because each year i forget about so many clothes that feel like new again when they are pulled out of storage– like these shorts!

so, with the swap came lots of new colors! the only color i am lacking is a pale pink, so that is on my radar at the moment. do you have a favorite spring color? 🙂 have a lovely wednesday! the weeks are just flying by!

sweater: j.crew
collar: mcculla and marley
shorts: “pepaloves” — 2 years ago
shoes: CAT Footwear
hat/sunnies: vintage


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