oh those dancing llamas…

there’s this spot on lincoln road called “PAUL” that i always wanted to try, and finally before matt left for italy last week we went there! it is my new go-to spot… they not only have amazing french pastries but they serve coffee the most convenient way. they bring it to you in a little serving pitcher, so you can refill yourself all you want! i love sitting there catching up, drinking way too many cups of coff. 
it has been slightly nicer outside, and we even had a cold front a few days ago. i keep telling myself i am done buying cutesy sweaters, but i must be an addict. anyway, how could this one not catch my eye? someday in colder winters all of these sweaters will be put to good use! πŸ™‚
p.s. matt mentioned that i NEVER wear my hair up, so i tried it out… 
p.p.s i think i need to redo my nailpolish… haha
sweater: j.crew
blouse: vintage
jeans: DL1961
boots: vintage
bag: modcloth

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