a wedding update!

this week was funny (but not really). we realized after our caterer tasting last weekend that we had no idea which vendor provides our plates/glassware. after we inquired, we were told the plates would be stacked near the buffet table, and the dinner tables would be left not set. wellllllll. 🙂

so after talks with the caterer and the venue, we decided we definitely wanted a set table, and now that leaves me thinking how it is going to be set! at first i was thinking of renting chargers to place below the plates, but then i saw this lovely inspiration photo with kraft placemats, and my world was turned upside down! matt loves the placemat idea, so we may be doing that! how did you set your wedding table? any ideas/ photos/ suggestions would be lovely!


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  • Can't wait to see your wedding photos!
    the settings very much depends on the location tho.

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  • Loving the rustic vibe of the top one. Good luck!
    xo Heidi

  • Glad you found out about the plates beforehand! I've been to a lot of parties in the past few years (my sons are at Bar Mitzvah age) and I don't think anyone really reads the menu on the table at these things. The craft paper is pretty cute.

  • Oh, I'm so happy for you everything is going ok and you find such amazing stuff for your wedding 🙂 It made me smile, definitely !

  • the placemats are perfect! they are creative and much more personal! =D

  • Love the gold inspiration! Good luck deciding.

    Kate from Clear the Way

  • of the ones you posted, i think the first one is the cutest! have you thought of placemats guests can doodle/write on? 🙂

  • congrats!!! i didn't know you were getting married! SOO EXCITING EEP! x


  • I love the first pics <3 you are collecting amazing ideas <3

  • Love the kraft paper idea. It's a lot cheaper and looks much more personalized.

  • Oh my gosh so much goes into planning a wedding!


  • Love the roses so very much! I have never planned a wedding (yet), but I do hope that it doesn't get too overwhelmingly stressful. There are things that won't go the way you planned, and it's okay, the most important is to have a beautiful time surrounded by the people you care about, as you become symbolically united with the person you love.

  • So cute! I would definitely love the idea of saving a little money and being creative with the place mats! And I definitely agree, a table setting is so much nicer than a buffet!

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