wedding questions 101: how did you address your invites? says that at 3 months until the big day wedding invites should be sent out. that leaves me with only about 25 days until i have to send out my invitations 🙂 i know, it is coming up so quickly!! I had not put too much thought into how i wanted to address my invitations, but you bet now i am. at first i decided to get some quotes from calligraphers, but then after clicking around online i realized i could probably undertake the project myself!

to be 100% honest, not every invitation is perfect. some have minor mistakes, others are a little shaky, but you know what, they are personal! Every single invite has been touched and filled out by me. they take about 5 minutes per letter, and i am loving every second of doing it. i think it is the best decision i have made so far. there’s so many nights i stay up until 2AM with a candle lit and jazz playing filling out my wedding invites. i will always cherish these moments. ♥

how did you address your invites? did anyone else write theirs themselves?


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  • I loved addressing my invitations as well! I had Freaks and Geeks playing in the background over a couple of days, and I will always love that time as well.

    Here's how mine turned out:

  • @leah they came out GREAT. you are so talented! mine are a little sloppier, but charming 🙂

  • I can't believe you hand wrote the addresses. for our save the dates my fiance printed them out on our envelopes on his fancy work computer. Probably will be doing that again for our wedding invited.


  • If (hopefully when) I get married, I really want to hand-do them – it is so personal and people will really appreciate it! xo

  • Did you create the invites yourself too, or did you address the envelopes? either way, they look really cute and i really like the kraft paper envelopes 😀 and holy moly, i love leah's too- that wreath is SO pretty!

    i've loved hearing about your wedding so far 🙂

    xo marlen
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  • @Marlen I ordered the invites from etsy, i wish i had the time or patience to create them myself, but i didnt… i am going to share them, but i want to make sure my guests have seen them first before i post 🙂

  • I used a calligrapher. They looked pretty but it is quite expensive and the money could be spent on better food, flowers or wine!

  • Your invites are adorable!

    Xo, Hannah

  • Such pretty envelopes. I hand addressed mine too, with cursive, though they didn't look as professional as Leah's! I love seeing different invites.

  • You're getting married?
    Oh congrats!
    adorable invitations btw, hand written are always the cutest!

    xoxo, Jules
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  • Wow I can't believe your writing them all yourself! Thats awesome, looks great from what I can see!!

  • the invitations are perfect and I bet the guests will be thrilled to receive them! 🙂

  • I wish I was your pen pal <3

  • I did mine myself, but to be honest, I kind of hated how they came out .. my cursive is not as nice as I wish it was!

  • I know what you mean. I did the same with our thank you notes and loved it. each was dedicated to a special person and it felt so good doing it myself.

  • Hi Steffy I am just curious of what is the finished hand made invitation you did. I hope you'll post one sample.