a tea and tulips revival.+ what i’ve learned.

so i re-assessed and am returning for a do-over, but doing tons of things differently! here’s some things i’ve learned along the way for all of you interested in running an online business. AND new items in the store!

things i’ve learned:

❤ keep all receipts, and keep them VERY organized. have a separate account for all store expenses, so    
your costs are very clear each month.

❤ don’t think you can do everything alone. i hit a point where i was having misses and messing up shipping, solely because it was too much for me to handle. i now have a partner (who i will introduce you to soon!)

❤ do realize what tasks make you happy to do, and which ones you dislike. by finding someone who can do all the things you don’t like to do, you will stay motivated.

❤ produce a product you are proud of. when i moved and my product photos changed, i was unhappy with them and didn’t want to shoot new product. i re-arranged my house to find a nice bright wall perfect for the photos.

let’s hope the 2nd time around i stay motivated and things move smoothly! we will be listing new items once per week! 🙂

here’s some of my favorites (click on em’ to shop): tons more in THE STORE!

p.s. we DO ship internationally!


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  • Couldn't resist to tell you I love your dressing style a lot even I have been saying for so many times! Heeh.

    I really love all your outfits, especially the 1 with the mint bag!!

  • .

    Thanks for the good tips! Best of luck with the store, love the fourth outfit a lot!


  • Everything is so cute and I love you in all of it!

  • i love your dresses! 🙂

    Irene Wibowo

  • Great written post!! Loved it, and dresses too, I love mostly the second one :))


  • So much gorgeous stuff, I am absolutely in love with the spring sailing dress! <3 You've made everything look fabulous here.

  • You have the loveliest clothes ever! My favourite is the pink button up with the ribbon. 🙂


  • I love these photos!! Great job for getting it back together 🙂


  • Kat

    I know you've heard this suggestion before, but I'll chime in as well: almost all of the dresses I purchased from you were hemmed too short! I ended up selling/donating most of them because the length was problematic. That aside, I'm excited to see that you're continuing with Tea & Tulips. (You and your shop have been an inspiration to me for a long time!)

  • Ohh I do love the colour of that blue dress in the first photo! Oh yes, I do try and keep all my receipts, though sometimes I forget and throw them out haha!

  • Steffy you are just so amazing!xx

  • YOUR HAIR. it looks so great! i love this color/cut on you!

  • You always have such great pieces in your store!

    xo Jennifer