life’s a picnic, bring your friend.

well good evening, i am writing this at the stroke of midnight before i go to bed (finish watching full metal jacket with matt) and wake up at 4:15 am for rollout, my favorite days! i cannot wait to see all of the new collection pieces as they are unpacked from the box. it’s like christmas!

this weekend was extra fun because matt and i were both off from work. we went to the pumpkin patch, carved our pumpkin, ate out way too many meals and made lots of exciting future plans. oh yeah, and we found the puppy of our dreams, even though we can’t have one til’ we move 🙁

anyway, a few days back we had a little picnic in a park near our house and decided that we now have to have them all the time. they just put you in the best mood! this week i am also making it a point to pack my own lunch. i think it makes my body feel happier!

have a happy monday!

blouse: c/o vivilli 
jeans: DL1961
boots: j.crew
bag: c/o romwe
hat: vintage


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  • Dom

    So awesome! The print blouse is fantastic and looks great against your yellow/mustard cardigan!

  • sooo darling as always <3 looks like wearing a hat+boots has been kinda trademark of yours. and I love it so so much!!

  • Oh my gosh that shirt is TOO cute!!
    xx Aliya

  • You always look so pretty and cute! Great photos!

  • You, beautiful sunshine ♥

  • Such a cute outfit. Love the heart and of course those boots are amazing!

  • Love your outfit, especially your adorable shirt!
    Sincerely, Sara

  • Incredible boots! Loving the heart blouse. -Heidi

  • I love your outfit. The blouse is super cute!

  • you look lovely!

  • I really want a dog too, but we have to wait until we buy a house.

  • I adore this look!

  • I adore your outfit!:) Lovely pictures!! Xx

  • Fantastic outfit! I am so in love with mustard and it looks great on you!

  • I love your shoes!
    And that sandwich made me hungry ;D

  • I think this is my favorite outfit of yours 🙂

    xo Jennifer

  • Sue

    I am loving every piece!
    The hearts blouse is so adorable and the contrast with the cardi looks fabulous, aaand the boots, like i want them now in my closet 🙂

  • Oh, how fun to eat raspberries like that!

    You look darling with that heart print shirt.

  • That blouse is so cute!! I love the print. And picnics are my favorite things. We've been taking our son on picnics in the park and he loves them. They are just so relaxing. And there's something fun about packing your own lunch. 🙂 <3


  • Love the heart print!
    And the color of those boots is quite beautiful : )

  • i love your top. 🙂
    Irene Wibowo

  • The blouse looks so cute! I love the mustard cardigan as well :)Boots look lovely with the outfit!

  • Cute blouse! xx

  • Outfit is adorable as always! I love the color of the sweater! And the blouseee <33333

    Your hair is so long! How do you make it so wavy and beautiful?!

    You've just inspired me to go on a picnic some time with my boyfriend. 🙂

  • WHat a beautiful post! Your outfit, the picnic and the weather all are perfect – love your boots xo

  • oMG, you look as cute as always!
    and I love picnics! Eventho i never had one before
    and i love your first photo! so cute!!


  • That blouse is just too cute!

  • obsessed with this outfit! you are so cute!


  • Love those boots!
    xo Cara

  • fabulous outfit, as usual!

    I'm anxious to get a puppy as well. I also have to wait till we move. 🙂 I want a little french bulldog! they're the funniest.

  • I had one of those weekends with my man. We ran away, did nothing, watched movies, and ate…IT WAS WONDERFUL..I feel rejuvenated!

  • I don't know if I've ever had a picnic. But they look so fun!

  • This look is absolutely perfection Steffy – perfect from head to toe! And your boots?! Want!! Sounds like you guys had an amazing weekend, and your thinking of getting a puppy?! Yay!! xo V

  • Cee

    Steffy, why are you the cutest ever? Seriously, that first photo is adorable – and so stylish, too! Love the title of this post, it really brought a smile to my face 🙂

  • love your look here, the boots are so fantastic and I can only agree about the feeling a nice picnic gives you! Hope you'll be able to have them again after the big storm! Stay save!!