dear world,

if i was unfathomably wealthy, i would spend every penny traveling the world wearing my top 10 vintage pieces with matt by my side. that is all i really feel like talking or thinking about right now 🙂

love, steffy, the girl with complicated style who craves a simple life.

p.s. lots of new cute goodies in my store

bag: for sale in my store
blouse: j. crew
jeans: c/o 2020 ave
shoes: gap
hat + sunnies: vintage


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  • Simple but great outfit ! 🙂

  • Great look !
    Kisses from Spain :*

  • Great bag and ballerinas! You look lovely.

  • This outfit is great. Love the chambray shirt on you!


  • Amy

    I wish I could win the lottery! I would love to travel like that too!

  • Such a cute note 🙂 Adore your dotted loafers.

  • it already looks so fall-ey! love the red lipstick with it

  • cute outfit. both of you look so great!
    singapore fashion blog
    singapore fashion blog

  • love this simple outfit! those shoes!!


  • That sounds like a dream life right there.

    Also, if you look this cute in some of your "10 vintage pieces" why would you need other clothing?

  • The beauty is in simplicity!

  • such a cute look! i am obsessed! xx

  • love this outfit! cool & comfy!

  • I agree, I would love to live that life as well. With my guy by my side of course! I love this outfit, the simplicity is great…and you always look so cute in hats! 🙂

  • You are simply the cutest. Love those polka dot flats, and those jeans are heaven on your legs!

    XO, Katie

  • If I were that wealthy, I would too love to tour the world! You look gorgeous as usual!


  • Love the simplicity of this outfit with the added polkadots!

    x Aliya
    Hill Side Story

  • I just want to say that there is a debate-ish in the blogger world about how much to share with the audience. Many bloggers have said that they share only a portion of their lives with their readers. I feel like sharing everything all the time, and only leave out that which would probably hurt in all the wrong things if published. I often find those bloggers who try to stay positive and share little feel very fake to me. When I read their posts about being a "real person," I always think, "Nuh-uh, you're this fake person inside a shiny box."

    I think that you work to keep your blog clean and positive and upbeat. I feel that while reading it. But even two sentences like the ones beneath the photos today, express to me a world of complications and real life that is behind all the pretty clothes. I appreciate that. It reminds me that you are a real person, even if you are down at the bottom of the U.S. and I am up here at the top, hanging out next to Canada.

    I love your perspective and the way you write. I like that you keep it simple, but I still feel like I'm getting to know you. Sometimes, I wish I had your self-control and positive attitude. I really appreciate that you give me something to think about and show me a different kind of person…maybe one I could emulate in some ways.

    Thanks for having such a great blog that I enjoy daily.

  • I LOVE this outfit. It's so stylish and yet so simple. The hat is definitely something I would love to add to my wardrobe!

  • Love this,
    simple and chic!!

  • i love everything! 🙂

  • Sue

    You look great in everything 😉

  • Me too! But with my love 🙂 -Heidi

  • love this look!!

  • your so darn cute. i love when you posts pictures with matt. your relationship inspires me to just love my guy with all my heart.
    i think if i was ridiculously wealthy i would buy a lavish barn home in the middle of Carmel, Ca and own horses and a winery! XO
    We can always dream right?

    xo kaitlin

  • love this look and the bag! 🙂

  • Sometimes less is more 🙂

    xo Jennifer

  • I am loving the simple look! 🙂


  • great outfit.

  • This outfit reminds me so much of Florence Welch. 🙂 Love it.

    Not to mention this is a darling post, too, even with just a few sentences you can convey so much. 🙂

    Maria Elyse

  • Cee

    Steffy! You have a way of elevating even the most basic pieces to a whole new level of stylish. Black skinnies + cambray top = absolute perfection on you 🙂

  • The things we could do with the guys by our sides! 🙂 I love when you talk about Matt. It makes me smile knowing how giddy you are for him. Anyway, I love your simple and chic outfit. Comfy and stylish is always a plus with me! <3


  • Pretty as always!

    Rose Eva

  • I love so much this outfit 🙂 So inspiring <3

  • Love your polka dot shoes!

    Bad Joan

  • Super cute outfit! I'm still loving those flats.

  • I completely agree with those desires. You look beautiful and full of love! And, there's nothing like a red lip to pull together a chic menswear-inspired ensemble.

    Here's to being a gypsying nomad forever. Have a wonderful weekend, Steffy xx

  • I love this effortless look <3

  • Gorgeous outfit! I have those shoes, love them, as they seem to go with everything! xo

  • Love this simple outfit. It's perfect.

  • Lovely outfit, love the flats!


  • favorite outfit of yours, hands down.

  • I love this! Denim button-ups are wonderful and such a lifesaver some days.