it’s no good unless it’s real.

one of my favorite small businesses on the florida coast is carnival confections in sebastian. the entire place is shaped like a carnival tent, and they have yummy muffins and cupcakes! i’ve been on a floral skirt binge, and all i really wanted was a red velvet cupcake to match my skirt πŸ™‚

last night i was looking back through some old e-mails matt and i sent eachother when he lived in nicaragua and i lived in NYC, and they made me so teary eyed/happy.

life feels good to me when:
β™₯ i remember why matt and i fell in love and how worth it being apart for almost a year was. because now we get to build an entire exciting life together πŸ™‚
β™₯ my career feels like it is heading in the right direction and going to work doesn’t feel like a job
β™₯ the people closest to me are all inspiring & good people.
β™₯ my family is healthy
β™₯ there are goals and dreams ahead of me that i can work toward and achieve. reaching goals is the best feeling.

i just love making happy life lists. try it! sometimes it can make you realize how good things really are πŸ™‚

skirt: for sale in my store
blouse: c/o romwe
bag: c/o sway chic
shoes: vintage


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